Tatyana Tarasevich-Founder and CEO

Ms. Tarasevich has received her BS from State University at Albany in 2013 and is currently a graduate student at Student University at Albany. Her current graduate work is on hypervalent sulfur fluoride compounds.
John Welch, PhD- Advisor

Professor Welch has over 49 years of fluorine chemistry experience and vast amount of publications. Also has several patents thought his research career.
Mike Idacavage, PhD- Industry Advisor

Doctor Idacavage has over 35 years of experience in UV Curing and Polymer Science. He is also a founder of 3 startups and the Radlaunch UV+EB Start-Up Accelerator.
Mark Sperry- Business Advisor

Mr. Sperry is currently a CEO and President of Sperry Energy and has over 30 years of experience in market, sales, product development and operations.